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July 6, 2013
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Ruretta by Maruuki Ruretta by Maruuki
Uhhhh yeahhh finialy done!!!!
This is my oc ruretta"insert surename here.."
She is a old oc (and i guess no one remember her ...) she is the 5 one…
iu really love her design but i wantet to do a story whit her where isnt she that tiny ;u;
On the picture she is 7 and here i drawed her older *A*!!!!
I also worked very long on her and the storyline(i tryed hard to make her "original"....) ;u; i know its a bit boring and idk...i just have the beginning ;__;(i never wantet that huge story for her Dx..)

Uh and sorry for the long text whit my really bad english ;u;!!


left one before she met lucius and right one after she follow him

Name: Ruretta(insert nice surename here..)*still think for one ;u;*
Age: Around 150
Height: 1,65
Species: Vampire
Likes: Autumn, Her crow corax, Humans, Books, the color red
Dislikes: Humans(yeah again i will write down why), Other vamprires, Sunlight and sommer
Partner: Lucius Lestat(insert other surename here..)…

Personalty:Before she met lucius she was silent and never going out from the mansion.after he takes her
whit her she gets really arogant and stubborn and every lazy(but she will be still silent) she carry ever her ghost crow
Corax whit her and some books.
(normal she is a really lovely vampire girl but the fact she hates other vampires shi act like high and arrogant to him)

Special: Ruretta can let die things around her so its ever autumn around her.
She also has ever a black crow by her side. she can bring humans nightmares aswell.
Ruretta never drings human blood she only drinks her own blood.
when lucius face her humans she gets really insane and afraid to harm humans (she loves humans really but she also hates
them its like a hating love but if shou would touch them by dringin they would die) she turns into a yangire and cut
herself whit a broken glass and trinks her own blood to turn down the appetite.

(she is like a dandere but when this happends she turns into yangire)
after lucius saw this he want that she drings the blood from him to live but she dont want she hates other vampires(and
herself for being one) she reject his blood until she is too weak to walk.

Backround(orphan~mansion): When ruretta was 7 her parents got murdered by hunters she was found by a old
woman and was placed in a orphan.
She really loved to live there whit all her friends but after time everyone gets bigger and grwo up she was tiny as before
(cuz she was a vampire and they live longer and dont grow up that fast) and after she notice that she is the reason that
around the orphan is ever autumn she gets very sad about that because everyone was wishing for summer.
When she tryed the first time to hug  a friend the friend died after some hours.
After that all happends she knowed that isnt the right place for her and she cant stay longer. So she run far away back to
her mansion.
She really loved humans but because of all that she startet to hate humans and bring them all nightmares as revenge.
From now on she live around 100 years in her big mansion whit her Ghost Crow corax all alone.

Storyline: One day a man named lucius lestat visit her mansion. He sayd that he searched ruretta for a
long time and that corax was a big help. after that he says that he is a vampire and a ghost crow master. He send corax
away for a long time to find her and bring him there.
He also try to make her understanding that she souldnt give everyone nightmare.
Is she follows him around and hellp him he will grant her a wish. The wish she really want to have.
touching humans without making them die..
She accompany him(even she dont want to) and he brings her to a place full of vampires.
After that she gets very angry and dissapointed and want to run away again.
But lucius dont let her escape and says thats now the place we will live together until you understand that you cant play
whit humans like this.

Art drawed by others
Dawn Of Hope .:Speedpaint:. by RimaPichiGIFT: Ruretta by… (by Shiranova)

art and oc @ me
tools paint tool sai + photoshop
laces by me and textures  @ pixiv
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abc-de-f Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
*watches you just to see more of your super adorable OC*
schocki15 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Here is my picture to Ruretta:…

And here is my own OC:…

I would love to hear your meaning to both pictures. :meow:
Maruuki Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
omg they are so wonderfull ; A ;!!
schocki15 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you. :)
ShugarSweet Featured By Owner Edited Aug 24, 2014
Ruretta: Get me some tea!

Me: Rude much?

Ruretta: What was that

Me: Nothing mam, I'll get that tea now(So Mean)
Maruuki Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
omg yesh XD
This would be totally ruretta *that made my day totally~*
ShugarSweet Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
Thanks ;)
schocki15 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She is so cute :)
Can I draw her, if you do not mind?
Maruuki Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
ahh sure i wouldnt mind at all<3
and i would love to see it<3
schocki15 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you :tighthug:
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