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February 15, 2013
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Yume(Ruu) by Maruuki Yume(Ruu) by Maruuki
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This is my oc Yume (drawn around november/december but it gave mutliply reasons not to upload her but i finaly decided to upload her sheet)
It's a redo oc of mine I wasn't very happy with her old design it was boring and she looked too similiar to Yuki so I changed her design and put more of my real self in her (blond hair, personality etc.)
She also will be my mascot besides Yuki~(she was supposed to be my touhou fanmade oc but idk what i do wht her maby ei turn her comlete original)
(old pictures of ruu and wips on tumblr
[link] [link] [link] )

And that was the first what i got in my sketchbook of the first design for her it was done in the night + more wips


Name Yume
Age Uknown(she is over 100 years old)
Heigh 4"11
(Youkai princess)

Yume lives in her own dreamworld in a big water temple under a big sakura tree. But sometimes she comes out and scares people.
She never was seen without her two ghosts. Yume is a nice and very caring girl but she's very shy with humans. She seems to be very naive but always happy.
Yume sings the whole day when she doesn't sleep. Her ghost Eiji (the big one) has to bring her back in her temple since she always fell asleep, no matter where she is or what happens.
Sometimes you can hear her voice without ever seeing her.
She always says "ruu" at the end of a phrase that's why the most people also call her Ruu although she hates it.

That's all what I've got at the moment but :iconshiranova: will do the design for her "boyfriend" and I'll write more about it soon.
HNGG *A*!!!!

And again thanks to *Shiranova for helping me whit my super super bad english <33333

Idk if i should deactive the comments.. maybe later idk =U=
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